Leeds has a population of around 781,700 (2016), making it the third-most populous British city after London and Birmingham.  The city lies within the United Kingdom’s fourth-most populous urban area, with a population of 2.3 million.

The economy of Leeds is the most diverse economy of all the UK’s main employment centres and, has seen the fastest rate of private-sector jobs growth of any UK city and has the highest ratio of private to public sector jobs of all the UK’s Core Cities, with 77% of its workforce working in the private sector. Leeds has the third-largest jobs total by local authority area, with 480,000 in employment and self-employment at the beginning of 2015.  Leeds is home to over 109,000 companies generating 5% of England’s total economic output of £60.5 billion.  Leeds is considered the cultural, financial and commercial heart of the West Yorkshire Urban Area.  Leeds is served by four universities, and has the fourth largest student population in the country and the country’s fourth largest urban economy.