The stencil is an incredibly bold, effective and affordable tool to make one be seen.

The power of advertising in the UK has been diluted. The repetitive forms of the poster, the billboard, the sticker and the sign have been a part of our streets for decades now and, to many, this has long become background noise that goes without much notice.

Many street artists hold this notion dearly to their work and, with guerrilla tactics borrowed from the graffiti artists of the 90s, they have accomplished a graphic stir across the world, reinventing advertising as something unmissable and unavoidable. The stencil has been pivotal to the success of this movement, partly due to its versatile nature, its visual strength but also its price. Stencils are cost effective and reusable.

With nearing a decade’s worth of experience in pulling off reverse graffiti across the United Kingdom, we’ve reached military precision in our stencilling operation. To us, the exciting aspect of using stencils is that we can produce a massive sum of clean graffiti images in just a night’s work – sometimes upwards of a hundred. This excitement, to us, never gets old.

Stencils themselves, however, can indeed be a bit tricky to produce without some serious practice. There’s an art to it. From stencils as small as a paving slab, to stencils designed to cover the side of a small house – we’ve made a tonne of ‘em, and with a bit of head scratching and a few cups of Yorkshire tea, we’ll get your stencil looking as sharp as you like it.

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